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how to define a new site root folder in Dreamweaver

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Why do we need to define a site root?

Well to define a site simply means that Dreamweaver wants to know what folder to go to in order to access all of the information about your website.  So all we have to do is tell it where to reference your CSS, your images, your audio and your video.  

Is that all there is to defining a site in Dreamweaver?

No, when defining a new site in Dreamweaver, we can specify FTP settings, our URL, proxy settings and a lot of other settings that if you are a beginner in Dreamweaver, you probably won’t need.  You can define a simple site in Dreamweaver that will allow you to get your website uploaded and online with relative ease.  In 5 minutes flat if you wanted to!

So let’s get on with the tutorial.  Go to:


Now we’re going to define a new site from the advanced settings tab.  Don’t worry because it’s very easy to do.  So make sure that you have clicked on the advanced settings tab.  Now the site name box wants to know what your site is called so if your website is called creditcard.com then you should probably call it creditcard.

The local root folder box wants to know where you are going to save your files to so if you have already created a folder for your website then you can click on the browse folder icon and browse for that folder.  I usually keep my website folder on my desktop while it’s in the development stage.  If you click on the browse folder icon, then you will be able to click on the new folder icon and create a folder for your website there and then.

The next box wants to know where you want to define your images folder so click on the browse folder icon located next to the box and create a folder inside the website folder you have created and call it images.

Now while you are inside your site folder, and not the images folder, create a new folder called css and you can store all of your CSS documents in there.  If you wanted to you can also create folders for scripts, audio, video, and spry etc. 

The reason you would create these folders is because say you want to add a video to your website you can put the video in the appropriate folder and then tell Dreamweaver where to find it.  This will make you more organized and efficient which will save you so much time in the long run!

Where going to declare our links relative to the document on this occasion and if you know the name of your domain then you can put that in the http:// address box.  If you leave it blank then that’s fine, you will still be able to upload your site to a server or host. 

Leave caching enabled

There are plenty of settings that you can apply from within the advanced settings tab for defining a site in Dreamweaver.  The information that we have supplied to Dreamweaver so far is enough that we would be able to upload our site to our host with no problems.
Now when you press ok you will see that your site root folder has been created in the bottom right corner of the screen in the files panel.   If you cannot see it there then go to WINDOW>FILES.  You will also see inside the site root folder that your css folder and other folders that have created have all been referenced by Dreamweaver.

For a Dreamweaver Video Tutorial explaining how to define a site please follow this link:

How to Define a Site in Dreamweaver

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