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Creating Email Links in Dreamweaver CS4

Email links

Email links are great for adding user interactivity, and offering the visitors to your site a way of communicating with you is always a must. It is very easy to create an email link in Dreamweaver and is in fact quite easy to hand code as well.

Do bear in mind that when a user clicks on an email link, that the user needs to have an email application for the link to open up with. Ok, heres how to create an email link:

  • Enter the text on your web page or highlight the text you want to add the email link to and click on Insert > email link.
  • An email link dialogue box appears showing the text you have highlighted.
  • Enter the receiving email address and click ok, and Dreamweaver will take care of the rest

insert email link

After you press ok the email link will be created for you and will look like this in code view:

email to link code

Modifying an Email Link

Modifying the email link can also be done via the properties inspector. Just place your cursor inside the link in code view or on the design view page and it will show up in the properties inspector:

modify an email link

Modify the email link from there. Leave the 'target' box which is beside the link box in the properties inspector blank as the email link will open up in the browsers default mail application.

  • Remember that an Email Link depends on the end users computer having a default email client set up on their side like windows live mail. I don't have that set up on this computer so my email link went to the default of the browser which was to go to a google mail login page.

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