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Inserting Special Characters in Dreamweaver

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Have you ever wanted to add a special character like a © copyright mark to the end of your web page or add a ™ trademark character? How about a ® registered mark or some sort of âccents or special character fonts like ¥ currency characters? It’s so annoying when you just cannot find out how to add special characters and don’t want to spend the time on such a small thing but it just bugs you that you know you have to do it.

Well, it just so happens that Dreamweaver is integrated with some of the more commonly used special ascii character codes; Mostly the good ones! So inserting a special character into your html with Dreamweaver is a doddle! You can obviously insert special characters text with your keyboard, but first we are going to cover inserting characters and symbol characters from the Dreamweaver menu.

Inserting Special Characters

To insert Dreamweaver’s integrated special characters, go up to the Insert tab, then go down to HTML and select from a list of special characters from there. If you cannot find the special character you want from the most commonly requested list in Dreamweaver, go down to ‘Other...’ and you will find some more characters to choose from like accents and arrows.

Insert > HTML > Special Characters

file > insert > special characters

Another Option to Insert Special Characters in Dreamweaver

window > insert special characters

The other option that you have to insert special characters or special characters code is to use the insert panel located on the right hand side of the Dreamweaver interface. The insert panel is reached by either pressing CTRL + F2 on the PC or Option + F2 on the Mac. Alternatively go to Window > Insert an select special characters from the list:

If you need to insert a space between your special character and another special character, you can do so by pressing CTRL + Shift + Spacebar together.

As you can see, Dreamweaver takes some of the pain away by providing some of the more commonly used special characters code which is built into the Dreamweaver interface. So, I hope you have learned a nice little time saver in this Dreamweaver CS4 Article on Special Characters!

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