Blue Text Box with Gradient

This is an expanding web text box with a blue gradient and a text shadow applied to it. This text box also has rounded corners at the bottom. It has been completely generated with CSS and has no background images at all.

Layered Gradient Text Box

This Text Box has a pink gradient applied to the background of the div that contains the title. It has right angles all the way around and has a box drop shadow applied to the containing div tag on the right and at the bottom.

Purple Gradient Text Box

This Expanding Text Box contains a purple linear gradient which is lighter on the top and becomes darker at the bottom. It has a box shadow applied to the top and to the right of the text box. It has a white title.

Radial Gradient Web Text Box

This web text box contains a radial gradient and has rounded corners at the bottom. This text box just like the others has been made completely with CSS. The text inside has a text shadow applied.