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Styling Blockquotes in Dreamweaver

Discover how to style blockquotes with pin point accuracy everytime. Use background images of Quotation marks and position them to make a perfect quotation. Theres also a free collection of 15 stylish speech marks for you to download.

Styling Blockquotes with CSS in Dreamweaver - Discussion

This Dreamweaver video tutorial shows you how to make create an Xhtml blockquote and style them with background blockquote images of speech marks to create a great typographical blockquote element.

The blockquote in html is easy to create. The method used in this Dreamweaver video tutorial uses a simple html blockquote tag with a paragraph tag placed inside of it. The quote marks are attached using CSS. The opening blockquote image or quote mark is attached to the paragraph tag as a background image. The closing quote mark is attached to the blockquote element itself as a background blockquote image also.

The blockquote CSS used when styling blockquotes attaches padding to the paragraph tag and is used to nudge the paragraph text of the html blockquote into position while creating room for the block quote background images too.

Styling CSS quote marks is easy although it can be tricky to position the closing quote marks. If you follow this Dreamweaver video tutorial you will learn how to cope with different sized quote marks or background images. You will learn how to use different positioning methods like percentages and pixels in your blockquote CSS and learn how to use padding to space the html blockquote out.

I highly recommend that you check out my Dreamweaver article on Styling Blockquotes which has full code examples and demonstrations of html blockquotes and of blockquote image positioning techniques.

Don’t forget the free download which comes with 15 great css quote marks examples that you can use in your Dreamweaver website projects. The quote marks are all transparent PNG’s of various different sizes so just click on the download button below the Dreamweaver tutorial video.

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