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Create Rollover Images for a Navigation Bar and Export

In this tutorial from www.dreamweavertutorial.co.uk, we will be creating some Rollover Buttons in Fireworks CS4 but webmasters using Fireworks CS3 can also use this tutorial. using the duplicate state function and altering the 2nd state of the rollover image we can export both images for use in Dreamweaver or other CMS'.

Creating Rollovers in Fireworks - Additional notes

For those webmasters who are using Fireworks CS3 please not that 'Frames' were Re-named to 'States' for Fireworks CS4 as it became clear that Fireworks would be part of a web prototyping brand for Adobe's range.

Here is the link to the Dreamweaver tutorial which shows you how to implement the rollover states that you have just created:

Insert Rollover images into Dreamweaver CS4 - Part 1.

Insert Rollover images into Dreamweaver CS4 - part 2

Alternatively, here is a link to an article describing How to Insert Rollover Images into Dreamweaver CS4:

How to insert Rollover Images into Dreamweaver CS4

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