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Choosing the Right Web Hosting Company

which web host to choose?

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In today’s world of websites it’s so much harder to keep up with the latest trends in web design. The reason for this is because of the sometimes overwhelming number of emerging technologies and techniques that you have to learn in order to get your website off the ground. You will also have to compete for space at the top of the search engine rankings for your chosen website topic.

Apart from learning to use Dreamweaver, there’s CSS styling, JavaScript, Flash, PHP and AJAX and many more things to learn. Is it the best time to mention all of the different social networks you have to join and keep up with? It’s so difficult in today’s society to have a find a good work life balance.

I’m sure that trying to increase your quality of life and having enough time to enjoy yourself is high on the agenda. So it’s a very good idea to choose a web hosting company that can at least release some of the burden you may have on your shoulders trying to get your first Dreamweaver website off the ground.

Not enough hours in the day?

You’re going to need a web hosting company that makes it easy to set up contact forms and newsletter sign up pages without having to learn how to code a form mail page with PHP. After all you can’t learn everything can you? You probably started designing your website and then realized how much harder it is to actually create a decent well designed website that looks flashy and well ordered and keep up with the demands of creating content and optimizing it for the search engines. You will need a company that will show you what visitors you are receiving, how many of them, and from which pages are they coming from.

There are so many web hosting companies out there, and so much choice that web hosting has really come down in price in recent times.

This website is hosted at Godaddy

This website is hosted at Godaddy.com and I make regular tutorials showing people how to use Godaddy and the many tools and techniques that come with even the basic Godaddy hosting package. For instance, uploading your Dreamweaver website using GoDaddy and FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is one of my most popular Dreamweaver Tutorial videos. GoDaddy has an excellent form mailer script to process any form you have and will send you the results by email. There is no limit to the number of forms you can process; comments forms, survey forms, poll forms, contact forms. You name it and Godaddy will process it.

Other Benefits

There are website stats which are also easy to read so you can see exactly how many visitors are coming to your site. GoDaddy also offer many other services like email, SEO, SSL certificates, Ecommerce or shopping cart sites. There is a free website builder if you are having trouble using Dreamweaver too.

So many Satisfied Customers

GoDaddy for me surpasses all expectations; my servers have had very little down time and they offer a 99% guaranteed ‘always up’ time. My pages load up very quickly despite the complex graphics that I use on some of my pages.

Go and take a look at some of the GoDaddy.com Hosting Plans!Godaddy Hosting Plans

Judge for yourself. If it can make this website look this good then it will be worth a little peek!

Web Hosting Companies - That I Use

  • GoDaddy.com Hosting Plans!Godaddy Hosting
  • Unlimited Hosting at HostGatorHostgator Hosting
  • JustHost.com Unlimited DomainsJustHost Hosting
  • Hosting just $4.88/month! - PowwebPow Web Hosting

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